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Your industrial partner
Who we are?

We intend to be recognized as a brand that is committed to establishing and developing committed relationships, providing solutions, providing products and services centered on our customers' needs and geared towards the profitability of their production processes.

Intertecnimaque – International Trading Lda., the company that owns the Itecma brand, was founded in 2010 with two fundamental principles that were at the base of its creation, and which are still the pillars of the company today:

- Quality of your products
- Customer satisfaction, given the service provided (competence, friendliness and speed)

In this context, Itecma is structured humanly and technologically in order to respond to market demands.

What we do?

Itecma currently has a complete catalog of tools and products for industry professionals.
The company is driven by a customer-centric philosophy. A complete cutting tool maintenance program is offered to our customers. Our team offers you two different solutions that ensure the best quality of your cutting tools:

- We can respond to all your regular or individual requests thanks to our logistics network and our tool sharpening and repair centre.
- We implement an outsourced maintenance service, anticipated and scheduled throughout the year. Your costs are controlled in this way.

Thanks to their technical and recognized experience, our salespeople are able to advise innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the most specific needs of our customers.
Our team enters the scene in providing unrivaled cutting tools and accessories and also offers an auditing service as well as customized solutions for wood cutting and tool sharpening.

Industrial Solutions is our specialization.

We are your integral partner in the field of industrial maintenance or machine manufacturing.
Itecma is able to provide a wide range of industrial maintenance solutions to help you increase efficiency gains and productivity. Itecma works daily to help you choose the best solutions for industrial equipment.
We have more than 500,000 components in stock from the best brands, always available.


The main processes of conventional machining are turning and milling, this is a complementary and supportive section for the projects carried out at Itecma.

Who do we work for?

We position ourselves as industry partners, working across different industrial sectors. We are able to offer solutions to various national and international players
Customer Relations


Flexibility and Responsiveness

Custom Solutions



Wood Industry

We sell cutting tools and accessories for sawmills, furniture factories and carpentry.

Tannery Industry

We sell cutting tools for the tanning industry.

Textile Industry

We sell cutting tools for the textile industry.

Paper Industry

We sell cutting tools for the paper industry.

Foam Industry

We sell cutting tools for the foam industry.

Food Industry

We sell cutting tools for the food industry.

Rubber Industry

We sell cutting tools for the rubber industry.

Sharpening Industry

We sell abrasives, tools and accessories for sharpening and preparation of cutting tools.

Do you have any doubt?

Our goal is to answer your questions about our products and services!